Friday, 10 June 2011


y'all just be grateful i haven't comic sans-ed this motherfucker up.

So, sans rainbows:

Un-sans rainbows:


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  1. Rainbows, fairly cool. But to be honest, all the cool kids these days read blogs in RSS readers. Websites are SO 2009.

  2. The rainbow lets the text in the middle stand out more. All in white you might get too distracted by the side pictures. Unless, of course, that is your aim.

  3. I WENT FOR RAINBOWS LIKE WE ALL ALWAYS KNEW I WOULD. thanks guys. and luke, if i was all about what the cool kids were doing my comic would be all about the cocaine and the smoking behind the bikesheds and the latest way of dying faster but not too fast and wearing leg upholstery shorter/lower than your underpants. also i would dress like lady gaga deliberately and not because drunk = CLOTHES SHOP TIME YES? YES.